Here are some of the most common questions we get from our clients:

How does it work?

After setting up an appointment with us, we come directly to your home or office.  We groom your pet/s in our fully-equipped mobile pet salon right outside your premises.  We do not use your electricity or water, we bring our own.  Only in a very rare occasion where we might ask to plug in to your power outlet or use your water.The-Fur-Connection-Mobile-Dog-Grooming-Salon

This convenient service saves you time and hassle-free. It also reduces stress on both you and your pet. No waiting in cages.  No pickup and drop-off arrangements. Our comfortable unit and one-on-one attention create a perfect grooming ambience like no other.

What service can I expect?

When you call us, you and your pet will receive professional, dependable service in a clean, safe environment and experience maximum convenience and comfort.Dog-Grooming-Westie


How much does it cost?

We provide an estimate over the phone.  Because of the variety in breeds, sizes, coats etc., the price is an estimate only until we are able to visually assess your pet’s size, weight, coat condition and personality.  We are usually accurate with our estimates.  Rest assured,  the groomer will confirm the exact price before starting work.

We do not charge for certain important add-ons like nail clipping/filing, premium shampoo & conditioner, anal glands expression etc.,  We have great pricing!



What is the Blueberry Facial treatment that you offer?

If your canine companion is having a bad fur day, a Blueberry Facial treat will give him/her a facial massage that is calming, cleansing and color brightening.  It smells delicious and is absolutely tearless.  It is always free!  Just ask for it.



Why should we feel our pets are safer?

  • In our mobile pet salon, we give your pet one on one attention throughout the entire grooming servicepet-grooming-southlake
  • Expert, professional, highly skilled, internationally certified groomer
  • Your pet is close to home. Grooming done just outside your door
  • No exposure to other pets make them more relaxed
  • Hot and cold water for temperature-perfect baths
  • Air conditioning and heating system for climate control
  • Our mobile salon is sanitized after every pet we groom
  • No waiting
  • No Car Ride. No Motion Sickness for Your Pet
  • We treat your pet like our own




Call/Text Us 24/7 at 817.617.9022